“Julian Assange should be admired, not imprisoned” – Father Dave Smith UAP Candidate (Kaline TV – May 17, 2022)

Father Dave Smith has dedicated his life to helping at risk and underprivileged youths and he saw first-hand the devastation that lockdowns had on this community. It has prompted him to run as a candidate for the United Australia Party in Grayndler and in this interview, he covers everything from mandates to Julian Assange and taking on Anthony Albanese in a boxing match!

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Sack Them All – Sydney rallies for freedom – May 15, 2022

Once again it was my privilege to open in prayer at another great freedom rally – Circular Quay, May 15, 2022

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Federal election special: Meet your Grayndler candidates – Inner West Review, May 12, 2022

It’s a pity the Inner West Review chose to depict pole-vaulting rather than boxing. 😉 Either way, thank you Sarah Maguire for an excellent write-up.

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Interview with the Aussie Cossack – May 14, 2022

I’m a big fan of the Cossack. If you have time, watch all 1.4 hours of the Cossack’s excellent interviews at this great day of protest. Click here for the full video.

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A big thank you to Seja Al Zaidi for this article in the Sydney City Hub on May 15th, 2022

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Opening in Prayer at the Canberra Rally – February 12th, 2022

February 12th, 2022. What a privilege it was to give the opening prayer at the most amazing rally I have every been involved in, and possible the largest rally ever held on Australian soil.

It was painful to see the mainline media denigrate this incredible event. If there really were half a million people there, that was 2% of the entire population of the country! Why the politicians aren’t taking us more seriously, I do not know.

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim.
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti
And with respect for the traditional custodians of this land, and elders past, present and emerging:

What a wonderful day this is. What a great day for Australia. It is appropriate that we dedicate this day to God in prayer because we recognize that this battle is not simply a political fight but a spiritual war.

Yes, we fight political overreach and, yes, we fight the profits of big pharma and technological intrusion into our privacy but ultimately we fight principalities and powers and dark forces that attempt to rob our children of their future!

This is our battle, and we are the people. We are the front line. We are the people who stood up when others sat down. We are the people who refused to bow to Baal. We are the people who did not buy the lie. We don’t need to wait for anybody else. We are the people we have been waiting for, and this is our time.

God give us strength. God give us wisdom, and for the sake of our children and the generations to come and our beloved country, Australia, God give us victory in the name of the Father the Son of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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We’re not gonna live with fear

On February 12, 2022, Canberra saw what was probably the largest rally ever held on Australian soil. Commentators mockingly said that the group had multiple agendas – a bit of freedom, a bit of anti-vax, a bit of Jesus. My experience was the opposite – that the half a million people who gathered there were unified around one common hope – to rescue our country back from totalitarian control.

The highlight for me was John Stephan singing, “You’re the Voice”.  This was my highlight, not simply because I love John Stephan’s singing, but because of the way the lyrics summed up the spirit of the event – “We’re not gonna sit in silence. We’re not gonna live with fear.” Watch the video and you’ll see one of the Indigenous elders who was at my side, arm in arm with a non-Indigenous woman, dancing and singing those words together. For me, that summed up the event.

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Farewell to our Fight Club in Dulwich Hill

Father Dave’s Old School Boxing Academy trained out of the church hall of Holy Trinity, Dulwich Hill from 1991 to 2021. We trained many champions. More importantly, we saw a great many crazy kids grow into confident adults, and, in a lot of cases, we played a significant role in that process.

December 31, 2021, was where it ended. We had over 3,000 people sign the community petition, asking the church for a stay of execution. None was given. Even so, as my dad used to say, when the work of God is like a flowing stream, and when someone drops a rock in the stream, the water will find a way around it. Our work will continue. We are currently training at the Fight Lab in Tempe with my old friend, Kon Pappy, and we continue to train at Binacrombi bush camp on the weekends. Join us.

Featured below is some footage taken from our last training session.

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