Boys and men put under the spotlight – The Valley Times, August 20th 2009

This brief article appeared in anticipation of the screening of the ‘About Men’ documentary on National Television inĀ Australia on August 24, 2009. You can watch a four-minute excerpt from the fiist episode here.

The Holy Trinity Gym in Dulwich Hill will feature in an upcoming documemntary calledĀ About Men.

It is a documentary that explores the life’s stages, transitions and experiences of boys and men living in Australia.

The three episodes use a broad cross section of participants to chart teh major life stages in a man’s life.

Reverend Dave Smith from the Holy Trinity Gym says filming was done more than one year ago, and he will appear in the first of th three part series on SBS.

With an emphasis on teh imporance of strong male role models, the stories in the first series are a powerful exploration of experiences in the transition from boy to man.

We follow mentor and philosopher Father Dave as he takes in Liam and teaches him the art of controlling his anger and aggression by mastering boxing.

The boys and men who appear in the series have compelling stories to tell about their development, and their stories are genuinely moving, funny, surprising and informative.

See the first episode on SBS TV, on Wednesday, August 26 at 8.30pm.

Pic: Reverend Dave Smith with Australian Light Welterweight champion Solomon Egberime at the Holy Trinity Gym in Dulwich Hill, which will feature on SBS TV.

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