Boxers Line-Up – Canterbury Torch, January 19th 2010


FIGHTING Father Dave will return to his glory days and swap his clergy collar for boxing gloves on Tuesday as part of an Australia Day box-a-thon fundraiser.

The Reverend will be greeted by Kingsgrovbe’s Nader Hamdan, fresh from TV’s The Contender Australia boxing series, Solomon Haumono, the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OBPF) Heavyweight Champion, and Dulwich Hill’s Solomon Egberime, the Australian Light Welterweight Champion.

“It’s friendly sparring, and these are good men of good character who are keen to support the cause. Even though there’s every chance they’ll drop me,” Father Dave said.

Father Dave aims to raise funds for anti-poverty group Action Aid Australia, who have lent their assistance to relief efforts in Haiti.

“For better or worse, [boxing is] one of the few skills I have that I can use to raise money, and I don’t mind taking a few hits for a good cause,” he said.

Father Dave retired as a professional boxer 14 years ago, but he has pledged to spar 50 rounds on the night, with sponsors supporting him all the way.

“In terms of my sparring partners, I’ll be happy to take women and children first,” he laughted.

“I’m hoping that church and community members will come out to support the event as well as our youth centre kids and the Fight Club community.  If  everyone comes and makes a small donation to Action Aid, we’ll raise a good amount of money.”

Sponsors and sparring partners are needed for the night, so if you think you could take on this Father, be at the Holy Trinity Gym, 2 Herbert Street Dulwich Hill, at 6.30pm on January 26. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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