Believing In The Future – Valley Times August 9th, 2005

A CHARITY concert has been organised to raise money for the youth work of Duiwich Hill’s Father Dave B. Smith. also known as Fighting Father Dave.

Called ‘Rock On For Life: Believe’, the concert promises something for everyone with a wide range of entertainers who have generously donated their talents and time for the cause.

The concert is the fifth of its next kind to be organised by Bruce Robertson, who started the Rock and On For Life fundraiser as a project in 2002 after earlier see ing a similar event in the United Kingdom.

This year, the Newtown RSL event was deliberately scheduled for this Sunday, September 11.

‘We’re trying to get people to and have a good time instead of be ing sad on this day,” Bruce explained.

“What’s the point of marking a disaster that ruined so many. people’s lives with sadness? It’s about time we moved on in a event positive way by helping children out. That’s why we called the concert Believe.”

The five-hour event will feature a host of talented performers including country rock artist Kel Anne Brandt, folk-pop singer Ami Williamson, Sinatra-style crooner Grant Galea, former “Bandstand star Vicki Forrest – even a deathpunk rocker Andi – Spandex.

Also, this year’s concert was co-ordinated as a Work-for-the- Dole Project, but community business sponsors are now being sought to continue the year as a fundraiser.

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