Fight For a Safe Future – Times Sport March 31st, 2005


A HOLY war will be waged inside a boxing ring at Petersham RSL this Saturday when “Fighting Father” Dave Smith takes on “Punching Pastor” Guy Moon – all for a good cause.

The two priests are raising money for l)ulwich Hill’s Holy Trinity Youth Fitness Centre, where Father Dave works to provide children with activities to get them off the streets.

“These fights arc the only means of support for the youth centre and we need a full house and additional sponSON to maintain the program at its current levels.” Rev. Smith. the Anglican minister who has been organising the tight nights and overseeing centre operations for 11 years. said.

His bout against Albury-Wodonga’s Pastor Moon is expected to be a torrid affair and will be the 19th resurrection of the Christians vs. Lions Fight Night. Boxing and martial arts will be on display as several young fighters from the Holy Trinity Youth Fitness Centre make their fighting debuts.

All proceeds from the night’s events will go to Trinity’s Youth Centre.

The centre is experiencing increased attendance but facing the limitation of dwindling funds.

The program has been entirely funded through community donations through the fight night sponsorship and attendance with a small number of direct do— nations.

The fully supervised recreation centre hosts over 60 children between 3-6pm each weekday.

Working closely with schools and community partners, the centre offers a wide range of activities ranging from athletics to academics and beyond. “Mostly it provides a safe place for these children to hang out, a sale harbour from the violence and drugs that they’re exposed to on the streets,” Rev. Smith said.

“That’s why the boys are excited to be stepping up to help support the program by participating in this fight night. “They know what’s at stake.” Despite the desperation of the fund-raising effort, Smith is confident that the night will be entertaining.

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