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The Good Wife (A sermon on Proverbs 31)

Since I have been at Holy Trinity I have had the opportunity to preach on some of my very favorite Bible passages. Passages like the call vision of Isaiah, the Samaritan woman at the well, that beautiful poem about Jesus’ humility in … Continue reading

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Shame, Mr Rudd!

Shame, Mr Rudd!  You know better than to label Iran as Anti-Semitic! by Father Dave On Friday, April 24, Australia Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, addressed the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and referring to the recent speech given by Iranian President Admadinejad … Continue reading

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Why every Christian should be in favour of gay marriage

Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I realise that the majority of the world’s Christians are opposed to gay marriage and I recognise that many of those who most vocally oppose gay marriage do so in the name of Christ. Even so, … Continue reading

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The Ancient Welsh Art of Lap Goch and the American Presidency

A chilling sight – a squad of Lap Gochi, called in to quell a riot in the remote village of Abergavenny, form battle lines before beginning their subjugation of the town. A mysteriously familiar-looking squad leader (front-left) is signalling his … Continue reading

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