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Pay Per Play

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In case you missed the latest thing for website owners, it’s ‘Pay Per Play‘ audio ads – ads that play directly from your website, and where you get paid every time they play!

The concept has been developed by NetAudioAds – a company that seems to be determined to give Google a run for their money. Their idea is simple enough. Given that almost everybody’s computer is audio-enabled nowadays, audio advertising the natural next step in online marketing.

This sounds like a great idea for advertisers, but it could be even better news for website owners, and this for two reasons:

  1. It seems that absolutely every website owner has been invited to participate
    (you don’t have to have an A-1 professional website)
  2. You get paid for every single visitor that comes to your site!

In both these areas NetAudioAds differs from markedly from the current world leader in site-based advertising – Google Adsense.

To get approved for Google Adsense, you have to submit your site for review, and if it doesn’t meet the standards of the review team, you don’t get in. With NetAudioAds, it seems that even your little sister’s blog about her cat is going to be eligible!

More attractive still, Google Adsense works on a pay-per-click basis, which means that you only get paid when someone clicks on the ad. For the average site, for every 100 visitors, you might get only two or three clicks. And if these are only worth a couple of cents each, the system is hardly anything to get excited about.

NetAudioAds though seems far more attractive with its ‘Pay Per Play‘ system. If you get 100 visitors in this system, you get paid 100 times! Surely this will prove to be far more lucrative? Well … it’s all going to depend on how much you get paid for each play?

This is where the system starts to look a little shaky. NetAudioAds are telling us repeatedly that we get paid every single time someone visits our page that plays their ad. They are completely silent though when it comes to suggesting how much these plays will be worth.

Of course, Google Adsense don’t tell you how much they pay for their ads either, so their silence has strong precedent. Even so, if Google Adsense only pays out a few cents for those 100 visitors, do you really expect NetAudioAds to pay out a whole lot more?

I’m guessing that NetAudioAds may only be paying out 0.01c (ie. a one hundredth of a cent) per ad, or even less, for some ads. Moreover, I imagine that the amount paid per ad will depend totally on the quality of the site.

As mentioned above, NetAudioAds seem to be priding themselves on allowing every man and his canine to have their sites displaying their ads, but can we really imagine any advertiser wanting to pay top dollar for an ad that appears on little sister’s blog about Fluffy, the pet Burmese?

I’m envisaging that NetAudioAds will be classifying sites very carefully and adjusting payments accordingly. Further, I would expect them to monitor very carefully the type of traffic being supplied to sites displaying their ads, for they will not survive if they allow their advertisers to be serviced with cheap and nasty from paid-to-read sites and autosurfs.

If you’re expecting NetAudioAds to be an easy way of making big money, think again. The company will only be able to operate if they offer value to their advertisers, and so you can be sure that they’ll be on the lookout for click fraud, traffic fraud, etc. from day one.

To say it won’t be easy money though isn’t to say it won’t be worthwhile. Indeed, if you have a good site with pages that would be suitable to promote a particular type of product, this could be an excellent way to supplement your site-based advertising income. Just don’t expect to make your fortune overnight.

That’s my opinion anyway. Tuks Engineer has a far less suspicious perspective, and you can pick up his new ebook on the ‘Pay Per Play‘ system by following the instructions below.

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