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Martial Arts: Society’s safe option for controlling conflict – by Nichola Aindow

The ancient art of ‘combat’ in a contemporary world, is not just about getting people to think about health, safety, body and mind; nor is it just a way to provide a space for people to be slightly rougher than … Continue reading

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The Ancient Welsh Art of Lap Goch and the American Presidency

A chilling sight – a squad of Lap Gochi, called in to quell a riot in the remote village of Abergavenny, form battle lines before beginning their subjugation of the town. A mysteriously familiar-looking squad leader (front-left) is signalling his … Continue reading

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Holy Hapkido! (Australian Taekwondo Magazine – Autumn 1994)

Each night it’s off with the priestly garments and on with a gi, stepping down from the altar and into the dojang where Reverend Smith instructs approximately thirty students in his own style based on the Korean art of Hapkido. … Continue reading

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