Forging Friendships to Cross Cultural Divides – The Torch December 7th, 2005


IT WAS a 1970s chart hit but now the song title ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ has been attached to a multicultural dinner designed to dispel some myths and strengthen ties between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ dinner will be held at Dulwich Hill’s Seaview Street community centre this Friday, December 9 from 6.3Opm.

Father Dave Smith of the Holy Trinity Church told the Torch he was inspired to organise the event in the face of modern times and fears over the separate issues of terrorism and the Islamic religion.

“Islamic people in our community are increasingly experiencing discrimination, and we need to take this very seriously.” said Father Dave.

“With these new anti-terrorism laws, I think we’re moving back into the McCarthyism era.

“I believe that most of our prejudices are based on misconceptions. If we can spend time together, talking and listening to each other, I believe that we can build better relationships, based on mutual respect and understanding.”

“We fear what we do not understand,” said Father Dave.

“I hope that by getting together and sharing a meal, we can begin to build bridges of communication that will dispel much fear and prejudice.” 

The dinner will consist of a light meal and numbers will be limited to the first 100 people to register a booking.

Speeches will be made by Father Dave and Sheik Mansour Leghaei of the Iman Husain Islamic Centre.

There will be no formal charge for the meal – however donations of $10 will be gratefully accepted. If donations exceed costs, all profits will be distributed evenly between the church’s Trinity’s Youth Centre and the youth work of the Imam Husain Islamic Centre.

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