Priest Challenges The Man – The Glebe & Inner Western Weekly August 2nd, 2000


Dulwich Hill priest “Fighting” Father David Smith believes he has one more good bout left in him.

And the man of the cloth wants to take on The Man — Anthony Mundine — at whom he fired missives last week in a bid to bring him to the ring.

As a boxer Mundine is overrated,” Father Smith said.

I’ve got one fight left in me and I think it should be with him.

‘I know a guy who knows both me and Anthony Mundine and this guy thinks I’ll do just fine against Mundine, even though Mundine’s younger.”

Father Smith has been furiously firing off faxes and contacting boxing industry movers and shakers in a bid to reach Mundine to issue the challenge. So far there has been no response.

But there is also another driving force behind all the taunts.

Father Smith wants to raise money for the Holy Trinity Youth Fitness Centre, which runs a special program to get kids off drugs and in to boxing.

“We started the Get Off The Gear and Into The Ring program in 1994 and it has been highly successful,” he said.

He said any money raised could be put in to funding programs specifically to help Aboriginal children or in to various youth and community programs.

“If Mundine doesn’t take up the challenge we will find another way to make ends meet,” Father Smith said.

“But God wants me to do this.”

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