How to Create an eCover – for your book or software project


They say that creating an ebook cover is hard work. They’re right!
Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t some shortcuts.

My book
Ezine Express
some of my best efforts at ecover creation

It’s just a fact of life that virtual products (such as software and ebooks) sell better if they don’t look too virtual.

I guess there’s something reassuring about seeing an image of something you can hold in your hands, even if it’s a fiction. Or perhaps it’s more the association we make between the cover and the trusty old brick and mortar shop where we normally buy such merchandise?

Either way, it’s an incontroverible fact that eCovers sell ebooks, just as virtual boxes sell software. The votes are all in and counted, the people have made their choice, and the only question left for those of us who market on the NET is not if we need ecovers but how we are going to construct them?

The short (though not simple) answer to the ‘how’ question is ‘Photoshop’, and that’s where I’ll be focusing these video tutorials, where I’ll be creating this ecover:

Tattoo Removal Guide

Click the links below to open new windows that will display the videos:

Creating your eCover Front Page Template


Making your eCover Three Dimensional


The All-Important Finishing Touches

OK. If you’ve worked your way through those, you’ve got a good idea on how to get the job done. If though you don’t have a copy of Photoshop and/or you don’t want to spend this much time on your eCovers, you’ll find a quick and extremely cheap alternative here.

This program does not give you anywhere near the sort of flexibility you get from making them yourself from scratch, and you’ll still need to use Paint (which comes free with Windows) or some other graphics program to add text to the templates that they supply, but if you don’t have Photoshop, this is a great alternative.

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