Google Nemesis – a Review by Father Dave


Google Nemesis is Internet Marketing Guru, Chris McNeeney’s latest offering to those hungry to shed their day-jobs and make a killing on the NET. The Headling reads:

$2 Million A Year ClickBank Profiteer Raids Google for $1,456 Each Day, With New, Push-Button Software…”

Even more amazing than the thought that McNeeney could be making this much money from some ‘push-button software’ is the revelation that he is willing to share this unbelievable money-making cash-cow with whoever is willing to shell out a measly $67 per month! Does that sound too good to be true? It should.

$67 per month? I don’t think so!

I figured I had to buy Chris McNeeney’s latest product – partly in the nostalgic hope that he’d put together a product of similar standard to his original, Adwords Miracle, but mainly because I figured that people would be asking me whether it was worth investing in, and I thought I’d better have a decent answer.

As ever, McNeeney’s sales letter promises the online marketer the equivalent of the latest Formula 1 super car without giving the salivating wannabe a clue as to what is really under the hood. Unfortunately, it’s not until we make the down payment and take the thing for a drive we find that there’s not a lot to this beast.

It’s all about affiliate review pages – creating them, promoting them and raking in the cash that they generate (well … hopefully).

The cash is the carrot at any rate. McNeeney‘s system helps you create review pages. It doesn‘t give you the cash, and, from what I can see, it doesn‘t do much to help you promote them either!

The philosophy behind this income-generating system is far from original:

  1. Find a product on Clickbank that seems to be selling well and offers as healthy affiliate commission to those who promote it.
  2. Write a review that compares it to one or two other products also available on Clickbank (and that are also selling well with good commissions).
  3. Post the review, making sure you use your affiliate links to all three products.
  4. Get millions of people to read your review
  5. A percentage of visitors buy one of the products you review, and you get an affiliate commissions from each sale!
  6. You get rich, so long as the cost of step #4 isn’t greater than what is generated in step #5 (which is generally where it all comes unstuck)!

Apart from the difficulties associated with making this system profitable, I hate the fact that the whole thing is built on dishonesty.

You choose products to promote, not based on whether they are decent products, but based on whether they have good sales pages, sell well, and give a healthy affiliate commission in return. Then you write a review on these products where you pretend that you’re excited about them because of their fabulous benefits!

McNeeney’s system will help you choose Clickbank products that are likely to give you a good return, and it will help you generate a basic review page with your affiliate links to those products you choose already embedded.

Apart from three guides that are included, each less than 20 pages in length, it doesn’t give you any help actually writing the reviews or improving the design of those review pages, let alone knowing how to effectively get eyeballs on those pages once you‘ve created them!

So why would you pay $67 per month for this service? I guess if you had no idea how to create a web page, didn’t want to pay $5 to $10 per month to have your own hosting account, and couldn’t be bothered to do research into products that were actually worth promoting, McNeeney’s system would seem like a clever shortcut, but I’ll be astonished if anybody who doesn’t already know how to generate website traffic will make back their $67 each month using McNeeney’s system, unless they put an enormous number of hours into it!

Moreover, all of the services McNeeney offers are available elsewhere without monthly fees attached.

  • Other products are available to help you choose high-paying Clickbank products that don’t carry any recurring cost
  • Good (and better) guides on how to create review pages are available, again, without any monthly fee attached.
  • You can put your review pages on Blogger or any number of other free hosting services if you don’t want to pay $5 to $10 per month for your own hosting account.

Mind you, McNeeney has promised all subscribers to Google Nemesis that more goodies are in store, and one would hope that he will be offering something on an ongoing basis to those who continue to pay him, but given that he ‘held nothing back’ in any of his previous publications, what more could he have to offer beyond what he has already published?

If enough people are interested, I’ll put together a package on how to write review pages, including all the necessary software and how-to videos, and you can place your income-generating reviews on, but I’ll only do it under one condition – that you do what I did for this review: actually buy the product and make an honest assessment of it before you recommend it (or pan it) to others.

You can vist the Google Nemesis salespage here if you’re interested to see it, and if you’re silly enough to invest in the product, I’ll be happy to take your affiliate commission, but understand that I thoroughly DO NOT recommend this product.

Rev. David B. Smith

Parish priest, community worker,
martial arts master, pro boxer,
author, father of four.


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Preacher, Pugilist, Activist, Father of four
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