Actors Change. Drama Continues Bishop Riah calls for action in Gaza

With the gap in the Gaza-Eyptian border having been closed, Professor Norman Finkelstein has called on ordinary Gazans to take up their picks and shovels and tear down the border between Gaza and Israel – an action that he says would be entirely justifiable, as it would uphold the ruling of the International Court of Justice that declared the wall illegal. Meanwhile Bishop Riah continues to call on the International community to intervene and stop the suffering.

The one and a half million people of Gaza continue to be strangled being caught in a situation that requires wisdom rather than might; that requires moral courage rather than the power of the gun.

How long will our noble family of our global village, including major players in the Middle East situation, continue to stand afar and watch? Must those children of Gaza continue to feel the hunger in their empty bellies, the cold and darkness of their black nights, while we continue to enjoy the fruits of the earth and the warmth of our home? Must the words of Jesus Christ become true of us when he said “They have eyes but do not see, and have ears but do not hear?” Need a whole community go through the valley of death until the people of the world wake up to the rights of Gazans, for life with dignity, and for freedom in their homeland? Turning a blind eye to their human rights will not make us more worthy of our humanity, indeed our own rights, not to say the divinity that is in each and everyone of us.

The situation in Gaza has moved from being difficult to being tragic; and from being tragic to becoming catastrophic!!! It Is Time For Action. It is time for people of good faith to stand up together for what is right, not simply who is right. The daily needs of the people of Gaza must be guaranteed.

The root cause of all this pain, this living death, and all the insecurity for both sides caught in the conflict in the Land we call Holy is the ongoing, illegal Israeli Occupation of 1967. For this situation of pain to cease the occupation must cease. For peace, healing and reconciliation to prevail, the occupation should become part of yesterday. For this beautiful dream to come true the authorities of the world need walk the walk rather than continue to Talk the talk.

May God Have Mercy

Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal

Fighting Father DaveBishop Riah Abu El-Assal

Bishop Riah recently retired as the Episcopal Bishop of Jerusalem but is still actively campaigning for justice and peace.


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