A Parable for Internet Marketers


Once upon a time, there was a Great Place.

That Great Place was surrounded by a High Wall and there was ONLY one door. So people from outside could not see what was happening inside. All residents in that Great Place had their own KEY and each KEY was unique; none had a same key with another resident.

People living in that place were rich and happy. They had worked hard in their life and had paid very much money to get a piece of a land to that Great Place. People from outside were wondering how was it possible for ALL residents of that Great Place to be so happy.

What was the Secret? And what was going on inside the Great Place – since the High Wall did not allow them to see anything from inside. That Great Place became famous all over the country. And one day…

One day, someone, Mr. X, announced that he had discovered the secret of happiness in that Great Place, and the secret was THAT Great Place itself!

Mr. X documented his discovery by presenting various “proofs” and since nobody could access the Great Place without their unique KEY, Mr. X. presented the “First Key-Generator.” Mr. X told people that he could generate unique keys for the Great Place and started selling each key for 1,000 dollars. Mr. X.’s selling point was the following:

“Do you want to be part of the Happiest Community On Earth Today? Get Your Unique Key for the Great Place and Forget Your Worries!!!”

Mr. X. sold one million keys and got one billion dollars. One million people with one million unique keys opened the door and entered the Great Place…

…and they were waiting….

…to start feeling Happy…

Can you imagine what happened next?

The Great Place was Great indeed, but was not Big; it could not serve one million people. What those buyers realized in a while was that this was the reason why each resident of the Great Place had his/her own key: Because the Great Place could serve ONLY 100 people, so ONLY 100 keys were available for preserving the Place’s integrity…

What everybody realized after a while was that the Great Place had nothing magic. It was just a Place that could serve 100 people. What those one million buyers did not know was also this: There were no Super Markets in the Great Place. Those 100 residents were working hard daily for getting their food from their land. They had their cows for the milk, a river for their fish, a mill for their bread, etc…

What the one million buyers realized soon was that it was the SENSE of creativity and the feeling of DOING something EVERY DAY that made all the residents of that Great Place so happy, and NOT the Place itself.

Mr. X. disappeared – he took an A Class Ticket to the Moon, where he sold billions of Keys too, to people that wanted to go back to Earth and feel Happy.

The Great Place was not Great anymore, and soon became an evacuated land.

The 1,000,000 buyers returned back to their houses and put their Unique Key to the Great Placenext to their TV just for remembering how silly they had been to believe that instant happiness was possible.

As for the 100 residents of the Great Place… They moved to an unfriendly land miles away. They knew what to do…

After one year, all people on Earth were talking about the “New Great Place” with the High Wall around it, the one door and the 100 unique keys. People from outside wondering what was happening inside the New Great Place and how/why those residents were feeling so happy.

It was time for Mister X. to come back again with his “Unique Key Generator” …

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