A Community Father Figure – The Torch: August 29th, 2007


by Jeanette Stephen

‘Fighting Father Dave ‘ reflects on importance of good role model

REVEREND David Smith is considered a father figure to many.

The man known widely as Fightirig Father Dave throughout the area will begin his Father’s Day by working celebrating the traditional Sunday morning services at his Holy Trinity Church

Later, the Anglican parish priest and his wife plan to go out for lunch with their three children Veronica, Imogen and Soren.

Rev Smith says he sees the role of fathers and father figures at the essence of community

“Fatherhood having authority and not abusing it.” he told the Torch.

“I think a lot of people with authority are mistrusted by young people because authority is often abused.

Somewhere in the middle of that there’s combination of nurturing and strength, guidance and compassion. Being a good father means trying to find that balance.”

Providing guidance for youth from an adult perspective is crucial in the fight to keep young people on track, he adds.

Over the years Rev Srnth has become well-known for his welfare work with in the local community, particularly those living on streets having addictions and generally struggling against their demons.

The former professional boxer runs a youth centre from the church teaching the discipline of martial arts, boxing and wrestling to enthusiastic young participants eager to pick up new skills.

“I certainly think in the sphere of community work so many people are trying get down to the same level as the kids by being a peer,” he explains.”I think that’s big mistake because what the kids need are good adult role models.”

From a male perspective, kids need men who can demonstrate the qualities of true fatherliness, combining strength and nurture.

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