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Morde Vanunu – Released But Not Free

  A transcript of a speech I gave on April 21st, 2006, at a rally held in the centre of Sydney, commemorating the second year of Morde’s semi-release. You will see that I am holding up a poster with a … Continue reading

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Boxers Line-Up – Canterbury Torch, January 19th 2010

FIGHTING Father Dave will return to his glory days and swap his clergy collar for boxing gloves on Tuesday as part of an Australia Day box-a-thon fundraiser. The Reverend will be greeted by Kingsgrovbe’s Nader Hamdan, fresh from TV’s┬áThe Contender … Continue reading

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The Doctrine of God (By Blair Reynolds)

“the “self” is best thought of as a name for a society of perishing occasions. Moment to moment, we are different persons. No thinker thinks twice. God, then, I see as the most changeable that there is, the supreme effect … Continue reading

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