Sheikh in the Dark About Being a Threat – The Express December 4th, 2007

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has spent 11 years bridging the divide between Muslims and Christians. Now the Australian Government wants to kick him out of the country, saying he is a threat to national security. The only problem is, they refuse to tell him or anyone else exactly why.

by Nathan Klein

The court battle started after ASIO seized 996 with the agency said discussed a holy war and offered advice on spying.

They accused the shelkh & being involved in “acts of foreign Interferance”

But details of the security assessment were not revealed during the case

So, Father Smith and the shelkh remain in the dark about what he has done to get such a classification

Sheikh Leghaei said that this not the first time that threat had been made to deport him.

“This is the tenth or eleventh time that I have been threatened and I haven’t been deported yet,”the sheikh told the Express

“Nothing ever happens. I think its just a psychological war to get me to leave voluntarily”

Sheikh Leghaei said that if the Government deports btr!r they be forced to deport his four children as well, including a we-year-old daughter who is an Australian citizen

Described as a public servant for the community, the shelkh has as immaculate record as a bridge builder and man of peace, according to Father Smith

He has received excellent references from the Attorney General Robert McClelland and Grayndler Federal Labor MP Anthony Albanese Albanesc.

Since 1996 Leghaei has worked with the cominunity and as a .religious worker with the Imam Hussaim Islamic Centre in Earlwood, forging good relations between the Christian and Muslim communities.

He said both communities would be affected if he was booted out of the country.

“Sydney has become my city, my home,” he said.

“If they deport me they’ll be breaking up my family unit, friendship ties and everything I’ve developed within this community.”

“I have no idea why they think I am a national security risk.”

Christian and Muslim communities have rallied behind the sheikh and the Save the Sheikh coalition of Christian clerics will hold regular public meetings in support of Sheikh Leghaei.

At the time of publication neither the Immigration Minister or ASIO had responded to the Express’s requests for a comment.

You can find out more by going to There are also interview between Father Smith and Sheikhg Leghaei at


The Anglican leader of Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill, the Rev Father Dave Smith, can’t believe his friend Sheih Leghaei has been classified as a national security threat.

“”He’s a pacifist and a man committed to building bridges between our faith communities and ethnic communities,” Father Smith said.

“The idea that this man could somehow be a threat to national security is simply outrageous.”

Sheikh Leghaei may be kicked out of the country after a decade-long battle to appeal the decision to deport him ended when the High Court rejected his appeal, saying national security considerations overruled any notions of procedural fairness or natural justice.

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