Punching on with Julian Assange

We met up with Julian on Easter Sunday. We had arrived in London the previous Tuesday and my primary reason for being there was to see Julian. We were heading back to Sydney first thing the following morning.

Julian is in a painful situation – under siege by the great powers of this world and abandoned by his own government. The way he has been hung out to dry by the power-players of this world is simply despicable. Yet still he remains strong and resolute – committed as ever to the cause of justice and peace. He is a true Fighting Father.

Boxing with Julian was great. He is fit and focused and turned out to have a killer jab.

From my perspective there is no better way to get to know a man than by doing a few rounds with him.  You can’t conceal anything of yourself when you’re punching on with someone. Insecurities and neuroses quickly come to the surface. I didn’t have to plough through any of that with Julian.  The man I got to know in the Ecuadorian Embassy that day is a man of integrity and strength.

The following article appeared on April 23rd, 2014 in the Huffington Post

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