Fighting Father Warns Opponent to “Say Your Prayers” – Valley Times – 29th June 2006

DULWICH Hill’s ‘Fighting’ Father Dave has a message to the so called ‘Mountain Man’ Geoff Scully ahead of Saturday night’s Pankration Death Match – ‘Say your prayers’.

Pankration is a gruelling combination of boxing, kicking and wrestling over three rounds and Reverend David Smith is relying on his all-round skills to get him through.

In truth, I do not know a lot about ‘Mountain Man’, he is an unknown quantity to me – except that he has been a professional in martial arts for most of his life and he’s been talking it up on radio stations and to whoever cares to listen… I’ll be ready for whatever onslaught he has planned for me, most fights end up on the ground. he said.

Father Dave said that he will rely on his tactics to take him on and his speed will be that vital ingredient which will give him the win

“It is a community based event and it is a chance for the guys to keep fit and show their talent in the ring.”

There will be 12 bouts in all as the boys from Dulwich Hill, take on the world featuring Greg‘Greganought’ Stanton fighting for the Sydney Metropolitan title.

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About Father Dave

Preacher, Pugilist, Activist, Father of four
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