Father Takes On The Man For Kids – Valley Times May 23rd, 2002


A BOXING ring erected at Dulwich High School on Saturday night will see two unlikely opponents fighting for their communities in a match that has two religions merging for a common goal.

Fighting Father Dave Smith, Anglican parish priest at Dulwich Hill and former professional boxer and kickboxer, will fight high-profile boxer Anthony “The Man” Mundine, an outspoken Muslim.

Father Dave said he had been challenging Mundine since the former rugby league player first made public his boxing ambitions, and was excited about his chance to finally step into the ring with him.

Mundine said the fight was “a collaboration of two religions that had a common goal to help the community”. Proceeds from the night will be split three ways between Father Dave’s Youth Fitness Centre, Dulwich High School and The Mundine Gym at Redfern.

“This night is not simply about fighting or about showing how tough you are,” Father Dave said. “It’s about getting together to help our young people. Mr Mundine’s willingness to get involved reflects his commitment to our kids, and is proof of the fact that Christians and Muslims can work together for the good of our children.” When Mundine was asked if he was “going to be gentle with Father Smith?”. He quickly quipped, “Is he going to be gentle with me?”.

“The fight is for a good cause,” he said. “Father Dave approached me a while ago and now I have the time to go into the ring with him.” There will be 12 fights on the night and most will feature local amateur fighters, a number of whom are still students at Dulwich High.

“This will be a community event that the people of Dulwich Hill will long remember.”

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