Father Dave Steps In – The Glebe July 22nd, 2004

FATHER Dave Smith has promised to be Saturday night’s comic relief, but expect his punchlines to be the more literal kind.

The Dulwich Hill Holy Trinity Church leader is stepping into the ring to raise funds for his youth centre and other worthy causes at Newtown thjs weekend.

But as a former Hapkido champion, kickboxer and professional boxer, Father Dave will no doubt be more than “comic relief.”

The big night will see some great former fighting champions return to the ring after many years away from competition.

“It’s the most ambitious thing I’ve tried to do,” Fr Smith said.

The Round Robin one-night tournament will feature three former world champions, two former South Pacific champions and three former Australian champions.

Former South Pacific Kickboxing champion Paul Grima will step up on Saturday night, having spent the last 10 years training others to fight.

“It’ll be good but I’m a lot fatter than I was when I was fighting,” Grima said.

“It’ll be fun and I like helping out a very good man and his cause.”

Other former champions lined up include Mick Spinks, Alex Tui, Rick Kulu, Rob Murdoch and Kon Pappy.

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