Boxing Father Dave has a Ring of Confidence – Inner West Courier Jan 11th, 2013.

NOT content with holding the world record for the most continuous rounds of boxing, Father Dave Smith wants to challenge an Irish fighter who attempted to beat his record.

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The parish priest at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Dulwich Hill boxed 120 three-minute rounds last April to raise $20,000 for the church’s youth drop-in centre.

He fought more than 60 people during the eight hour effort, including Solomon Haumono, Anthony Mundine, Lovemore N’dou and Nader Hamdan.

Members of the public and personalities John Safran and Andrew Denton also donned the gloves.

His record is still recognised by Guinness World Record, despite an Irish boxer unofficially lasting more than 120 rounds since Father Dave’s effort.

Now Father Dave, 50, wants to fly the Irish boxer, who is aged in his 20s, to Australia for a “last man standing” event.

“I’d like to fly him over so we could try and set another record,” he said.

Father Dave hopes to hold the event in March or April.

Father Dave said there would be a “gentleman’s agreement” that both fighters would hold back for the first 20 rounds or so.

Father Dave hopes to hold the event in March or April.

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Boxing Father Dave has
ring of confidence  – Inner West Courier Jan 11th, 2013.
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