Beware of ‘Onelife’ the Roy MacDonald Saga Continues


Roy MacDonald has been the target of numerous articles that have appeared in this online collection – articles written almost entirely by persons with a grievance against him. As CEO of ‘Strategic Mangement Works’ he came under much criticism for his seminars and conferences that supposedly teach participants how to turn one dollar into one million dollars. MacDonald’s company has now been renamed as ‘Onelife’. While the name changes though it seems that the grievances remain the same.

I attended one of Roy Mac Donald’s free introductory seminars where he offered his book how to turn $1 into $1 Million.

At this introductory seminar he discussed his $9600 seminar but also offered a $200 strategic planning consultation as he said he had a financial  licence.  I thought it would be good to get some advice from someone that appeared so successful. This $200 consultation is just a scam to get people on a one on one and pressure them into signing up for his $9600.  I fell for this and feel the need to warn others.

I attended the Onelife office in Crows Nest, Sept 15th 2008, for my meeting with Roy MacDonald. During this time I was told that my investment strategy was costing me money and I had taken all the wrong advice, and  during this meeting I broke down in tears. In my emotional state he talked me into signing over a deposit of $4600 while stating it had a 100% money back guarantee. After signing I said to Roy ‘I feel overwhelmed’.  He said, ‘this is normal. It’s your fear and saboteurs coming up’ and then convinced me I had done the right thing.

After leaving the office I felt very uneasy re my decision and rang the one life office to cancel the seminar 2 ‘ hours later. The person that took the message said someone would call me by the end of business that day. No one did. I also sent an email that night and the following morning and eventually got hold of one his people  the next day who said I cant get my money back unless I do the course.

She said there was no cooling off period and I would have to do his course to get my money back I told her I don’t wont to do your course.(this was Sept 16th 2008)

I told them I do not wont to do their course and want all my money back since I tried to cancel 2 ‘ hours latter and I signed due to his pressured sales techniques.

They made me this offer:

  • I can do the course for the price I paid in the deposit ($4600)
  • I attend the course with the option of getting my money back afterwards, minus a $1250 fee.

My response was ‘As stated before and in my many emails I do not wont to do your course and want my full refund of $4600’,  They refused.

They said that I had to pay $1250 for admin cost, the booking fee, and for the extra time Roy gave me in his consultation .

I refused, as I could not see that why I should pay $1250 for Roy swiping my credit card through a machine, and what other admin work was there, since I tried to cancel this 2′ hours latter. They  refused to give any of my money back and still have my $4600

I contacted the Department of Fair Trading, and they recommended that I take the matter to a Tribunal, which was scheduled for Feb 26th 2009. Prior to the matter going to court though, Roy sent one of his workers, Tryone, to have a formal conciliation meeting with me. We could not though come to any concillation, as Onelife still would not give me my money back. I decided to let the judge decide on Feb 26th 2009

Outside the tribunal rooms, near the lift, Tyrone stated “You will regret this. Roy has never lost a case yet, you should of taken our offer”.  This made me wonder how many times has this guy fought with people in court.

I have to wonder why Roy MacDonald writes a book on how to turn a $1 into a million and states how wealthy he is and successful yet goes all this way to fight me over my money, for which he has provided no services as I hadn’t done his course!

So I want to warn others not to sign up for any of Roys courses at the time they are pitched to you.  Take the form away and seek advice re his contract

Other seminar companies offer a few days cooling off period. I rang the other companies and they all said that they would have given me all my money back if I had wanted to cancel only a couple hours later.  My question is why doesn’t Roy do this????

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33 Responses to Beware of ‘Onelife’ the Roy MacDonald Saga Continues

  1. Al Wardell says:

    So great to see you are exposing this evil man. Roy McDonald is positively evil and is a master manipulator. Unfortunately I think he is so deluded he believes his own B/S.
    Lately he has been taken to the Tribunal by a number of his clients. He always plays hard ball with them and makes them jump through all sorts of hoops in the process but those who persist and threaten media exposure have been getting a refund. However he always insists that they sign confidentiality clauses before a refund is given. The negative publicity must be doing him some damage by now, I’m sure. Like many of these wealth spruikers they are now resorting to all sorts of tactics to bury the negative internet material so it cant be easily found. Keep up the good work.



    • He is a crook - can tell just from his dumb duh book says:

      You can tell he is a shonk just looking at the tile of his book: it is a play on an idea. He does not show you at all in the book how this is done but by simply doing the baby maths on “double up each time” ie 10 x 2 = 20. 20 x 2 = 40 x 2 = 80, 80 x 2 = 160. Etc. As you can see it is wishfull thinking and NOT EXACTEY HOW TO DOUBLE MONEY! I read the book in 20 minutes and at the end of each page I though “DUH”. I WAS SO DISCUSTED THAT HE WASTED MY TIMED BY ME JUST READING HIS DUMB BOOK. STAY AWAY FROM HIM. HE IS A CROOK !!!!! ANY MAN WITH FAKE HAIR IS A CROOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John H says:

    I recently attended Roy McDonald’s seminar. He and his staff (coaches) were just pushy salespeople that wanted to suck you dry of your money. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that did sign over thousands of dollars on the day. Then I suddenly thought that it was ironic that he had so many followers in his audience that it seemed so staged (like they were part of his staff). Everything about it is just wrong and dodgy. I wish I had of researched him first and not been such a sucker. I am kicking myself. WARNING TO EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS! Don’t sign, it’s a waste of money and you’re just making this man, his wife and coaches even richer.

  3. Barbara Green says:

    I also attended one of Roy’s seminars believing it was all based on financial education.
    Not only conned by Roy but by his pushy staff on big commissions. As soon as I spotted Roy my brain screamed ‘con artist’ . A big, fake tanned, posing spruiker who ridiculed anyone who questioned him. A young girl in our group had a complete breakdown, crying and shaking for hours. I kept in touch with her and she not only lost all her money as we all did but had to spend thousands having psychiatric treatment.

    He is a low life that should be put out of business for ever.

    Regards Barbara

    • Andrew M says:

      Hi i have attended Roy’s course and i’m only 16 his course has inspired me to make businesses and up hold money in the share market and to live my dreams and have a happier and more positive life in my eyes i don’t see it as a load of B/S i see it as if you are unhappy with facing issues don’t blame other people for them blame yourself he has saved my parents financials and has given my family positive attitude towards life and a more wealthy life style second of all his staff aren’t payed staff they are volunteers and they don’t try and dry out our money they are simply letting you know that you will go through an experience of a life time, sure you”l have emotional roller-coasters and you’ll feel like your being robbed of your money but if you don’t think positive and you don’t use his methods you will obviously rip into Roy and complain. also with the money back garrentee thing its only whilst you are on the course or if you where not satisfied with the course within a certain amount of days just like anything you buy or pay to do. sure i didn’t like the idea of him until i started to use his advise 2 years after i did the course i now make money and go to a private school and go to youth every Friday i couldn’t ask for anything more don’t judge people based on your emotional feelings and beliefs.

      • Lee Strachov says:

        Wait until a few months down the track, when you have gotten no where, parted with a lot of money and haven’t improved your position whatsoever. He is a scammer and a con-artist. Once the “high” wears off, you just pay for another course…get a shot in the arm and another high to keep you going…you will end up broke and depressed.

    • Hi Barbara, I too am a victim of Roy, my story’s on this website. I propose we form a group of Roy’s victims so we can take Action Jointly.

  4. Roy McDonald wrecked my life with his course and Bad financial Advice. I’ll Never recover from it. What I propose is that we form a Group of victims to force the Authorities to put Roy ‘Out of Business’, etc. We May be able to take some Joint Action against him that’s not viable as individuals. The Neale Jenman website is Not my website, it’s just one which exposes Roy and the stories of some of Roy’s victims.

    • Anonymous says:

      Roy is still at it! Ripping people off with no conscience. It’s utterly disgraceful what this man has been, and still is, getting away with.

  5. Myra Lyle says:

    I have believed Roy MacDonalds story about wanting to assist me to become financially free. He took 10k out of my credit card (almost my last available credit), knowing I had no assets whatsoever to work with. I completed the course in 1011 with him, became partly sucked in by his manipulative ways, at the same time had alarm bells going off about his aggressive ways and the way he put people down.
    At the end of the course, he took another 2k off my credit card (now at absolute limit) promising he would be the finance partner in my first real estate project.
    Once I started putting in the work, presenting projects, he kept coming up with reasons why he was not going to finance it. I finally understood that he has made the situation so fool-proof for himself, that he will not need to keep his promises.
    One big conman, as far as I can see, very unethical, taking money from people who own no assets, on their credit card.
    I have been waiting for more people like me to form a group and stand up against men like Roy.

  6. Ben says:

    I purchased the book a while ago, and decided to give it a read over the Christmas break. I naively read the book to about the half way point, at which he casually introduces his “method” of getting rich, which involves earning 100% to 1000% interest on shares. Ok I thought, well this is a red flag then.

    His method involves setting Calls and Puts, when the share value halves then buy, when the share market doubles then sell. It is quite a sound idea mathematically, which is why it seems to all make sense to the uninitiated.

    Unfortunately it is based on a fantasy, a complete and utter non-reality where any given share will double and halve in value several times over a year, and will reliably follow this pattern over an infinite period. If you are unfamiliar with the share market, before you get excited about this book do yourself a favour and look at any major share as an example, you can find a performance chart online over the last 12 months. Roy makes a false claim, he is selling a fantasy, just plain lying.

    By the title of the book alone, if he can turn $1 into $1000000 in 7 years, by this rule he should have turned his alleged 30 million dollars into over 30 trillion since authoring the book, becoming the richest human in the universe.

  7. David English says:

    I am one of the many sucked in to his web. Can you please give me an update on this conman Thanks

    • Father Dave says:

      I believe the man is still operating. The only news I have is that I received a letter from a legal firm asking me to take down articles about him that were false and misleading. I wasn’t aware of any such articles on my sites so I haven’t responded.

      • Art says:

        Do you know about any offshoots of his, e.g. there is now EQ Events (former Success and You, which I think might have been connected with Roy McDonald a decade or so ago) and also “” who seem to be doing the same things, e.g. free or minimal cost 2 days weekend events (apparently to cover the cost of food and they also ask for voluntary charity donatio0ns), talking about 6 areas to improve/balance in life (business, emotions, finance, relationships, spirituality and health), then up-selling to a week long event costing anywhere from $6000 to $10,000 (which are 12-14 h day intensive ‘training’ sessions).

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes this conman and his so called coaches are still operating. This is now done via zoom calls. Getting your trust and getting into your head ready to pounce. He is still taking vulnerable hardworking people’s money. It’s Criminal!!

  8. Robyn Wilks says:

    I have some dear friends who have gotten involved in this. Years ago I got sucked into Amway (Scamay) and blew about $1000 and many hours of time prospecting friends for proposals. (like I was told to do). So when our dear friends told us they were off to their fourth seminar and had sold their home to use their equity to put into investments I sighed. I am so worried about them. They are not young and nearing retirement age. Why do you need to go to more and more seminars before starting your investment portfolio? Would it be better to buy an investment property or something. Scared for my friends. They have spend well over $12,000 on theses seminars.

  9. Cricket says:

    Wow – this white collar crook is still operating? After many many name changes, brand refreshes, logo/company name changes – he still is continuing to sell his overpriced ‘general’ courses to the vulnerable?

    I would have thought A current Affair or Today Tonight would have run a story by now – he surely has fleeced many many Sydney residents over the years. Including myself (younger, vulnerable and very naïve 10 years ago. $6000 would have been better invested in bank shares, they would be looking good now If I’d done that and left them be!).

    Does he still have a revolving door of volunteers that are promised the earth? And convinced they shouldn’t work for money as that’s not the business mindset. 95% of people work in Jobs…you want to be a 5%’er!!!

    I still remember this poor lad up on stage, in tears, admitting he had been abused by his father, and had admitted to abusing his own son… absolutely shocking (Child services? Police? what the???). And this was a financial seminar – property investing etc ??? What the F? The food and accommodation was awful and cheap. Won’t forget how cold and tired we all were. And the “staged” BS – such as his accountant flying in on a helicopter because his “paid advisers” come to him – he doesn’t go to them… smoke and mirrors, all fodder for the “desperate to be rich” types…

    All the tricks of a slick used car salesman. Warning to all out there – don’t even attend the free seminar, that’s where they get you… Roy is no God or financial wizard, just a really good con artist in a nice suit.

  10. Ray Kerr says:

    I did a one on one with Roy where I told him that I had a severe mental break down and was under psychiatric and psychological care . I told him that he was the first person to I have told outside my family because I was ashamed and said that I thought that I should be honest with him as I was hoping that his one life program would help me become more positive and independent. I explained that I had money to invest. I asked Roy to keep our conversation private to which he agreed saying that this was between us and it is no one else’s business. Whilst doing the course he asked me to stand up and said that people continually make excuses in life and even lie and ask for pity. He went on to say that I told every one I met that I was suffering from depression and had a mental breakdown . Well I yelled and called him a liar and broke down in front of everyone. He was the only person I thought that could help me and he betrayed me. He set me back 7 years in my recovery. I am still under medical help and unable to work. Roy is the scum of the earth preying on the most vulnerable. If you read this Roy please tell the world that I am telling lies and you are going to take me to court. Just replay the tape….as you tape all your conferences and hopefully it will remind you of just what a low life creep you really are. You may be rich in money but dirt poor when it comes to having any scruples.

    • Jolene Holten says:

      Ray – sorry to hear of your troubles.

      I’m am stunned, that a man like this could look you in the eye and absolutely roast you like that. I worked as a volunteer many many years ago back when it was called SMW and I got caught up in the hype – I really did. I even was pushing his same BS lines onto friends and family. I feel ashamed and embarrassed by all of this. He truly needs to be locked in prison and all of his money stripped from him and handed out to all those who robbed. If you are reading this Roy, you need to take a long hard look at yourself. Anyone who stumbles across this page – I do hope you have not parted with any money.

      • Cricket says:

        Throw that other crook in there – Jamie Mcintyre – and lock them both up. Add Eddie Obied and you have a perfect trifecta of 3 of the most filthy, lying, stealing scum bags ever to exist.

  11. A TRUE Financial Planner says:

    Boy are they still letting Roy McDonald get away with this stuff ? I’m gob smacked that he hasn’t either been locked up or killed by someone.
    I first met good old Roy 30 years ago. He was coning people out of money then and it seems he’s never stopped.
    He’s a master manipulator. Surprised he hasn’t got bored of listening to all his bullshit

  12. K Shaw says:

    Nearly 20 years ago I was conned out of $2500 fees plus $11,000 I put into one of his ‘recommended’ start up companies. It never eventuated. A single woman on lowish income. I was shattered for a very long time. Can’t believe he’s still allowed to operate.

  13. RaynmanW says:

    It makes me sad to read these stories about the harm that Roy MacDonald (and his flunkies) have caused innocent people. In my opinion, he is definitely a man with suspect morals and I can attest to this fact from a slightly different perspective, because Roy is actually a neighbour of mine.
    My home is in far north Queensland, one of the wettest places in Australia. It is also home to the endangered southern cassowary, a unique flightless bird that lives in and depends on the native rainforest for its survival. My property adjoins a large block of land that belongs to a Roy MacDonald company (Lautoka Properties Pty Ltd). Over the past 5 years or so, I have watched as the rainforest on Roy’s land has been slowly poisoned, leaving large swathes with nothing but bare earth and weeds. Its an ugly sight, as you can imagine. But Roy’s actions have created more than an eyesore, because the land is very steep (up to 80% slope) and as mentioned before, this area receives an extremely high amonunt of rainfall. Bad erosion and soil runoff onto the Great Barrier Reef are encouraged by Roy’s tree removal on steep soil where land slips have been previously occured.
    The actions of Roy and his cronies are causing me anxiety because they are threatening the integrity of my land and putting my house and family at considerable risk. Sadly too, our beautiful wildlife (eg cassaowaries) are also more endangered by the destruction of their habitat. I am writing this out of frustration because I have seen this happening and I know how wrong it is, and despite my best efforts to alert the relevant authorities, all government agencies have proven impotent at curtailing this wrongful behaviour. Their excuse is that they cannot do anything unless they catch him in the act. Meanwhile Roy and his cronies sneak about, poisoning more and more trees and denying any knowledge. Roy is a damn menace.

    • Barbara green says:

      Roy probably wants you to get disgusted and leave after selling to him. Looks like a development site coming soon. The man doesn’t have a single scruple. I feel sorry for you living within the same state as him. He used to own and old house in Queen Street in Mosman, Sydney . I think his first wife and children got it the divorce settlement. He moved onto Katrina one of his ‘Facilitators’

  14. Lynda says:

    I’ve just been having a clean out and came across some of the study folders of One Life, it still makes me feel sick. I was ripped off $2200. At a time I couldn’t really afford to pay out that sort of money, he knew that, and yet I was so bloody gullible I believed him. Sorry for those who lost more.

  15. annon says:

    BEWARE, roy mcdonald and his ex Westpac bank manager, richard, are 100% thieves – stealing $11,100.00, our time is precious, we felt very pressured by the ex-westpac bank manager, we signed but were hesitant as we were only interested in the property seminar and thought we were protected by the 5 day cooling off period but they refused to take any calls, emails were rejected and they cancelled the course. What a shock, he knew my mother was in her 70’s and could not afford to lose borrowed money from our mortgage, she is not a bludger, no pension – we were looking for a way to generate income.

    While roy boasted then he had AUD$50M he is of bad intent, very arrogant, slimy and condescending and only out to harm.

    Too many of them – george mihos – ripoff too

  16. Grug says:

    I did Roys course at Hunter Valley resort, and i also attended Stuart Zadels 2 day free event, and got more from Stuart Zadels event, which is valued at $497. Was underwhelmed by Roys $5,000 course, and surprised to see some people paying $25K for the other courses bundled up, where $25K is a lot of money for these people. I think Roys Abundance course which is $297 and is on several DVD’s was very good, but it seems to be recordings of several OneLife, LifeMagic events, so your doubling up by going to Life Magic, as well as the amount of content that is already doubled up with the free seminars, Abundance course and than the Quantum/LifeMagic. I am very doubtful if the other Quantum courses have enough content, for someone to become successful. At least with Stuart Zadels courses, they are all done by professional and skilled trainers and have a lot of support afterwards, and refund policies.

    Roy has recently been charging for several 2 hour events, that i paid a small approx $25 price and went to, and which seems to have resulted in a free one day event at Hunter Valley, which was a very inspiring day that i got a lot out of. Too often its the same content.

    My recommendation is to go to the free seminars and possibly pay for abundance, but do not bother with anything else.

    I have done other courses for $5,000 and can say that there is a lot of value in them, its just a matter of finding them.

  17. Rebecca says:

    Thank you to everyone for posting here and to Father Dave for starting this page. I too attended one of the $25 seminars recently and paid $287 for the “Abundance Starter Pack”. It appears that I have got off lightly!
    This morning I finally had the time to sit down and actually look at the material provided. Something felt wrong and the idea kept niggling at me to have a dig around to see who this Roy McDonald really is before getting myself in any deeper. I’m so glad that I found this page because fore-warned is fore armed!
    As Grug helpfully outlines above, I will work through the material that I have on hand but go no further and resist all pressure to pay more.

  18. Tania says:

    This creep is still around…. currently in Perth…

    …. BEWARE ALL!!!

  19. Betty says:

    What a crock …. went to a $25 event … Roy is a joke

  20. Angry Bird (Don) says:

    Hi There

    Well this takes me back….to 2003. It was a chilly night in Winter of 2003 in Crows Nest, Sydney. I was there because I’d seen a news paper advert for the ‘Born Rich’ program. Turning $1 to $1M in 7 years, with a lovely mug shot of Roy with the headline “Why I hate this man”. And all the talk about financial freedom etc… So I turned up, nice little setup, welcoming ‘staff’ greeting you at the door etc. etc. Welcome to Strategic Management Works (SMW)

    And then he entered. A man in an imaculate suit and glowing red tie. Polished shoes. Boy was he slick, sharp and smooth. We went through everything, from being able to clam your mobile phone twice and that accountants don’t even know how to do that, generating income from options/shares. Unlearning what you have been conditioned into believing etc. While his disciples looked on from the sidelines. He even asked people questions, seemingly plucked people out of the audience (they might have been his insiders) and got the right answers from everyone. We all are fearful of failure etc. By the way Roy says he owns 24 companies that turn over $30 million a year and “Tax is optional”. Yes, we began chanting, chanting, chanting, like the beginnings of a cult.

    Coming to the end of this session, we’re all feeling pretty rosy about life – Roy clearly had the answers to all of our problems – and all we had to do was signup and do his intense Born Rich program. Then came the incredible sales pitches… if we signup right now, instead of $8000 it drops to $6000 or thereabouts. Make a comittement and follow through with it. Fearful? That’s normal. Being successful is all about break through all the fears that hold you back. Cue the soft music, and the drones on the sidelines desecend on you and challenge you to signup. Clearly, they all have done the program and are successful. Well thats what Richard ‘Rich’ Harold told me (A kiwi fellow who used to sell Boat Insurance for a living in a 9-5 dead-end job). Turns out he is a volunteer now and isnt being paid at all! more on that later. By the way, Roy says the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

    So after putting down $20 as a deposit (yes, $20 is all I had. someone else used their shoes as a deposit. You could use anything as long as you made the comittment to change your life), I secured the program for the bargain price of $6000. Now I just had to pay $5980. What was I getting myself into? a 5 Day intense program at some retreat somewhere… clearly they need to pluck you out of your 9-5 daily environment (95%’er) lifestyle in order to reset your thinking and put you onto the path to riches. They were a bit vague about the first part of the course, but clearly it was crucial in clearing out the cobwebs.

    Of course, one you have paid, you have to find your own way to this ‘retreat’. sort of looked a bit like a concentration camp. Accomodation was basic and the heating was pathetic. It was freezing. We are all hearded into groups – named after an animal of sie kind. There was 100 of us. All paying somewhere between $5000-8000 each. Wow – thats at least $500k every month. No wonder Roy is rich and successful and spends all his time in this business!

    So were were woken up early, and had to rush into the main auditorium where there was loud music pumping, flashing lights and this whole shocking thing. Born rich staff everywhere. What the hell is this? So we all had to do like 10 minutes of dancing excercise before we began… mind you, we are all starving, tired and cold. Then theres the hug three strangers thing as well…. as time went on, this crazy environment became normal. The next 3 days was dancing, playing games, listening to stories, hugging and doing all sorts of weird NON-FINANCIAL stuff. Hang on, didnt I pay $6000 to do an intense course with Roy about how to turn $1 into $1M in 7 years? What is going on here??? As usual, Roy walked out on stage – everyone in Awe. He was like a god and treated like once by his diciples. I say disciples because there must have been 30+ of them. All volunteering. Why would they quit their jobs and join Roy? Simple. Having a job (J.O.B – just over broke) keeps you a 95%’er. Keeps you trapped in that employee mindset. So here was Roy, making half a million dollars a month and having no staff wages to pay. Gosh – he is brilliant. Roy was to be known as the ‘government’ and we all chanted his name, just like a cult. We were edifying our god.

    Every hour we had to dance for 10 minutes. Always had to take shoes off at the door. Anyone who was late, got the ‘Jaws’ music playing and was sprayed with a watergun. Yeah, you heard that right. Hit with a water pistol. I think it was day 3, we did ‘Integration’ which is this crazy mental thing where you go deep into your emotional issues, and bring them up to the surface. Can’t recall why though, but a lot of people were crying. Boxes of tissues everywhere. Had I known this that night at crows nest, I would not had signed up for this. so what is this? All personal development? He has borried techniques from many masters out there – Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Tony Robbins – all the high powered motivators etc. And thats all great and well, but I can buy a book and read it. I dont need to be boucing around in the dark with a blindfold on.

    Day 4/5 – onto some financial stuff at last. Dr Klaus – options trading! Wow. What a load of generic non-substantice information. Would have gotten more off the internet. Who’s going to go out there and start trading options? Even taking an option out on property seems like a weird/risky thing to do. SO i end up with a whole pile of general information, have watched several movies (Titanic & a Kevin Costner one). I feel like I’ve been at an Amway conference, but I’m feeling pretty excited about the future!! Pumped up! Ready to go out there a and hit it all very hard.

    In the weeks that followed:
    It has become aparent that I’m a A-grade douche bag. I’ve been conned. I have nothing of substance / or value. I almost quit my job the first week back from the course. Glad I didnt. I didnt attend a few of the follow up weekly get togethers at Crows Nest where it became extremely obvious I was cannon fodder and so was everyone else – moving along the assembly line….. next thing you need to do is see our financial planners, sign up for more courses…Property, the Billionaires club etc. Selling, selling. You even could signup for the kickback program where you get a cut for getting new people into the door to do Born Rich. Wow. This whole things is a like some sort of pyramid scheme, except those who invested to begin with, never see a cent again and are constantly pressured to part with even more money. They were pushing spiritual courses onto you, which cost of course, Roy had this whole system of more courses to do. That’s when it really hit me. I’d been conned. The excitement wore off fast. I was seeing others still keen and buying into $20,000 courses…crikey. What the hell are they doing.

    In the months that followed:
    I got now here and settled back into my 8-5 Job. I started seeing negative publicity about Roy. My fears were being realised. He is a well known con artist. Wow. How could I have been so stupid. It took me months to pay off the money I borrowed to do the course. Depression set in…. I swung by Crows Nest one night and saw people picketing out the front with signs/banners saying Roy was a crook and a theif. Wow. I was still getting daily emails from SMW and I ended up on all these other mailing lists other people had put me onto… all this motivating stuff, selling etc… what the hell was going on here. I’m sure some of the staff paid money to get an email list of all the people who did born rich. A lot of us were susceptible to the selling and the pressure.

    Maybe it takes all kinds to make the world, but i can tell you, Roy preyed on the weak like a predator. You hear about them – conmen all the time. The world would be a better place without these crooks feathering their own nests. The number of articles about Roy that are negative is amazing, but not surprising.

    Later years:
    One Life (One Life Magic) / Ignite your success / Quantum etc etc… same BS different shell – same as above, just a new name. Same con, same material just different pricing models. Anyone reading this: BEWARE Of ROY MACDONALD the master conman. Someone already mentioned Jamie Mcintyre and the Obeids. Throw in Belle Gibson as well. Master crooks. Roy must be getting into his 70’s now… he can’t have many years left – which can only be a good thing. Although, I’m sure his ‘Katrina’ and his son (who he referenced many times as being a financial genius at age 7 because he has been mentored) will keep the scams going.

  21. Myra Lyle says:

    I can’t believe this con man is still allowed to operate. I fell for his scheme and learned the hard way. Pushy, heartless moneymaker, under the disguise of a financial “savior”.
    I will join any joint action against him, anytime!

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